Pictos Redux

Pictos is back once again with Redux: all new carefully crafted interface icons. Each icon in Redux has three variations: Line, Solid & Color.

Lines Solids Colors

Smart Shapes

Pictos Redux enables you to easily change the stroke width and effect in Illustrator by giving you the original vector paths. These paths are not expanded, so you can add any type of stroke to the icons you'd like.

The colored icons use Global Colors for easy color swapping in Illustrator.

Pixel Fit

Every Pictos Redux icon has been created and fitted to a 24 × 24 pixel grid to ensure crispness and optimal clarity.

Included Formats

Lines Solids Colors

Pictos Redux: Part 1

275 unique glyphs

3 variations: Lines, Solids & Colors
825 total icons

Part 2, 3 & 4

825 unique glyphs

3 variations: Lines, Solids & Colors
2,475 total icons

Coming Soon
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Pictos Classic

The original Pictos icon sets that started it all.

Over 800 unique interface icons.

View Classic Icons

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